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South Asian Sports is a firm believer in Quality over Quantity. We want good citizens in our league. That means that every player should come in and understand the spirit of the league. Rules are not designed to be abused. Individuals and captains need to police their teams to make sure that players are respectful of other players, teams, captains, and officials. As per the player agreement with the league and its commissioners, officers are given the full authority to remove a player or a team without refund for any behavior that is deemed detrimental to the league or organization for any reason and without warning.

Park Rules

Each park has posted rules, you are responsible for following all of the rules that each Park has posted. Or visit the Nassau County Website for the do’s and dont’s of the parks
Some quick rules to remember
No metal cleats EVER
No BBQing near the softball field unless in a designated area. Parks such as Mitchell have 0 BBQ areas
No propane in any park ever
No smoking
No drinking alcohol
No marijuana. No drugs.
No sunflower seeds on the turf fields
Keep the dugout clean do not leave anything behind


The minimum Roster size is 12 people per team. Maximum Roster size is 18 people per team.

For the 2020 season, there will only be 1 division. Each team has 56 points to make their roster (top 12 ranked players = 56 points or lower). Ask the commissioner for ratings of all the players. The default rookie guest rating is 7. The default rookie players’ rating is 3. Each team will get 3 appeals for ratings once a deposit is paid. If a player is not a rookie (have played in SASL before), and you can’t find them on the rating sheet, ask Commissioner for a rating.

Every player has to register every year in order to play. For those that have already played before, that means that they have to accept the terms and conditions. For those that are new to the league, they have to create a new player profile. If a player isn’t registered and thus hasn’t completed the waiver, etc..they are not permitted to play and may result in the games to be vacated.

New players that have not registered must register by that week Thursday at 9 pm and SASL will have to approve roster by that Saturday before game day. Any player you remove, let Commissioner know so we can remove from your team and website page.

Players that have registered then leave the team or gets cut, enters waivers, and are not pure free agents. ROSTER FREEZES on Thursday 9 Pm on July 30th. No more roster moves after that date.

Each team is allowed to have 3 guests per team on the roster. Any of the above roster rules being broken will result in game forfeits and/or suspensions.


Every player must be wearing matching jerseys. If a player does not have an appropriate jersey, an appropriate alternative uniform is a shirt of the same color as the current team jersey.
If a player neither has a matching jersey nor a shirt of the same color as the team’s jersey, there will be a 1 run penalty awarded to the opposing team PER player that is not in the appropriate uniform or matching t-shirt.
The umpire will enforce this rule. This is not up for debate – if you do not have a jersey the other team MUST take the run. However, this must be sorted out prior to game starting or prior to the player in question enters game.


Forfeits: Games can be started with a minimum of 8 players. There will be a 15 minute grace period for each team if the players don’t show up on time but you must start once the 8th player shows up (opposing team can provide catcher). After the 15 minutes, the umpire can use their discretion as to when to rule the games as a Forfeit. The forfeited team will be given a loss and the other team a Win. There will be another 15 minute grace period for game 2. The forfeited team must pay the umpire for game 1, and pay for both games if 30 min grace expires and umpire forfeits both games. If game 1 is forfeited but game 2 is played, then forfeited team pays Ump fees for game 1 and shares Ump fees for game 2.

After each week’s game, each team captain must submit to the commissioner a few pictures/videos from their game, the scores of each game, and 1 player of the week. This is due by Sunday night of each game-week.

Rain: If 5 innings have been completed OR if we’ve reached the bottom of the 4th with the home team ahead, the game is considered to be complete.


Stats are due on Tuesday night following each game, by 11:59 PM EST.

If you miss the deadline you will be assessed $10 fine for the first event and $15 each time after that. If the stats are still not in by Saturday, both captains will be suspended until all accurate stats are posted.

Stats are an important part of the league. We need stats to develop and write weekly features in a timely manner.

Playoff Eligibility

The minimum number of plate appearances for playoff eligibility is 33. In the event of a cancellation or an opponent forfeiture, subtract from this number 2 plate appearances per game that is forfeited or canceled. (If a doubleheader is canceled, a total of 4 plate appearances are deducted.) A team that forfeits does not benefit from this reduction.

An injured player that is not otherwise playing in the game will be credited with 2.5 plate appearances simply for showing up to the game. We max it out to a total of 20 plate appearances. The other 13 has to be earned by playing. This rule is designed for someone who has a serious injury. Not for someone who is banged up for a weekend. Please provide proof of injury. If the game is rained out we do not reduce the number of plate appearances. They still have to show up to get the 20 plate appearances and play to get the 13 plate appearances.

NOTE: A picture of this player with a player from the opposing team must be submitted in order for proof that the player was at the game. The picture should then be either uploaded to the WhatsApp Captains group or emailed to the league and the league has to acknowledge receipt of the image.


Saturday Night Lights: Oct 3
1st round: Oct 4
Semifinals: Oct 11 (Columbus)
Finals: Oct 18

The top 6 teams will qualify for the playoffs automatically. 7th and 8th seeds to be determined in SNL in one game elimination.

We will have a wild card game, this game is called Saturday Night Lights. This is to be held on the Saturday prior to playoffs starting.

7th seed will play 10th seed in a one-game elimination in SNL. The winner faces the 2nd seed the next day in playoffs. 8th seed will face the 9th seed in the SNL as well as one-game elimination. The winner will the 1st seed in playoffs the next day.

In the event that the game is rained out, the higher seeded team will advance as there are no make-ups or rescheduling UNLESS the entire weekend is a washout or the #1 or #2 seed game is rained out.

In the event that a week of the playoffs is rained out we push the playoffs back a week. In the event that some of the games rained out and some are played, the League will make a decision on whether to play the games on Saturday and continue the games on Sunday or push the league back a week. This is up to the League Commissioner and all decisions are final.

In the playoffs, the team with the higher seed chooses if they are home or away for games 1 and games 3. The lower seeded team will choose for game 2. In addition, the higher-seeded teams may be given the ability to choose fields from those that are provided to the league.

What organizations rules do we follow

The league follows USA Softball Rules (formerly ASA)
Please consult the ASA Banned Bat list to find out what bats are and aren’t eligible. The link is on the website.


Umpires are paid $50 Cash on the field. The home team is responsible for payment for each game.


If you are tossed from a game by an umpire, you automatically are suspended for the first game of the next week. If it happens in the first game of a doubleheader, you can play in the 2nd game of the doubleheader, but the following week you must sit out of game 1.
If you fight with another player and hit the player, you will be removed from the league without refund. If you are hit and hit the player back, the same rule applies. We have 0 tolerance for fighting. Do not lay your hand on another player. Let the umpire be the arbiter of the rules. The commissioner will make the final determination on all punishment for fighting/threats/violence etc.

Courtesy Runners

Each team is allowed 3 courtesy runners per game. If there is an injury on the field and the umpire deems it necessary to allow a 4th that is up to the discretion of the umpire. But no team can start with more than 3 courtesy runners per game.

Umpire Appeals

Umpire is there to make all of the decisions on the field. If an umpire misses a call that is not an appealable issue. If an umpire doesn’t know the rules that is something that “may” be appealed to the league. In order to appeal an issue to the league, you need to do the following.
Write an email with
Name of the umpire
The date,
The opponent
What happened
How it affected the game outcome
The score at the time it happened
The final score of the game
Any other relevant information like pictures and videos

HR Limit

3 home runs and then 1 up
Which means that any team can hit up to 3. After they hit 3 home runs they cannot be higher than 1 above the opposing team. It will be an out.

The home team cannot win with a walk-off if it violates the one-up rule. It will be an out.
Ex: Home team has 2 over the fence home runs. They can walk it off the bottom 7th, no problem.
Ex: Home team has 3 over the fence home runs. Away team has 3 over the fence. The home team cannot walk it off unless the away team has an over the fence home run first.

These only are for home runs over the fence. The inside the park home runs are unlimited.


Standings are calculated by the following method
win-loss record

Tie Breakers
Head to head record
Run differential against the team
Head to head vs 2nd place team
Run differential vs 2nd place team
Head to head vs 3rd place team
Run differential vs 3rd place team
Head to head vs 4th place team
Run differential vs 4th place team

Pitcher Mask Rule
Each pitcher must wear pitchers mask for safety reasons. Without a mask for the pitcher, the game can not start. Also, no sharing of pitcher masks between teams.  If your team doesn’t have a mas, you will forfeit and be responsible for umpire fees.

COVID 19 – Related Guidelines

All players are recommended to screen themselves at home. If the temperature exceeds 100.4, please stay home. 

Do not come to the ballpark if you have been recently exposed to anyone with COVID 19 or are returning from an area that NY state designated in travel advisory states. 

*Every team must bring a bottle of Hand Sanitizer to games.*

Wear masks in between games. 

Maintain social distancing to the best of your ability in the dugout and the field. 

No pre-game/post-game high fives between teams. No team huddles before, during, after games. 

All players are allowed to wear masks while playing or in the dugout during a game but not required. 

Teams cannot enter a dugout until previous games team players vacate totally. 

Recommend to wipe down the bench area after a team leaves with sanitizing wipes. 

Recommended to label players bottled drinks with a sharpie to avoid sharing drinks.

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