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Playoff Scenarios

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Here we are with 1 glorious Sunday to go before Playoffs start and we have pretty much every seed besides the 1st seed up for grabs. Let’s take a look at each team and see where they can finish.


Standings are calculated by the following method: win-loss record.

  1. Dothrakis 17-5
  2. Dynasty 15-5
  3. The North 15-5
  4. The Ones 12-8
  5. Hit Squad 11-9
  6. MonStars 11-9
  7. Shooter McGavins 10-10
  8. TSFE 10-10
  9. Troopers 10-12
  10. Black Mambas 8-12
  11. DadBods 2-20
  12. Backdoor Sliders 1-21


Tie Breakers:

-Head to head record
-Run differential against the team
-Head to head vs 2nd place team
-Run differential vs 2nd place team
-Head to head vs 3rd place team
-Run differential vs 3rd place team
-Head to head vs 4th place team
-Run differential vs 4th place team


Sundays Games:
  • Dynasty v The North: 8:30am @ Mitchel 2
  • MonStars v Hit Squad: 8:30am @ Cantiague C
  • The Ones v Black Mambas: 8:30am @ Wantagh C
  • Shooter McGavins v TSFE: 8:30am @ Seamens 4 Dirt



Locked into First Seed with a 17-5 record. Dynasty and The North can finish with 17-5 record as well but Dothrakis have the tie breaker over both by sweeping both teams.



Dynasty can only be a second seed or a third seed. They are 15-5 which is the same record as The North. They face each other this Sunday. If either team wins 2 games they become the second seed. If teams split, it will come down to run differential between the 2 games.


The North:

Same scenario as Dynasty. They can’t do any better than second or any worse than third. Very good matchup between these two teams coming up Sunday (rematch of Fall Finals by the way).


The Ones:

The Ones have a 12-8 record and are currently at 4th place in the standings. That is the highest they can finish even with a sweep of Black Mambas, their opponent this weekend. However, the lowest they can drop is to 5th place if they lose both to Mambas and Hit Squad/MonStars sweep and finish 13-9. If all 3 teams (Ones, MonStars and Hit Squad) finish 12-10, The Ones hold tie breaker over the other 2.


Hit Squad:

Hit Squad are 11-9. They can finish as high as 4th if they sweep MonStars Sunday and The Ones get swept. But they can finish as low as 7th if MonStars sweep them PLUS TSFE/Shooter McGavins matchup ends in a sweep in either direction. If Hit Squad splits with MonStars and finishes 12-10, then it will come down to run differential between the games. If Hit Squad finishes 12-10 And MonStars have run differential tiebreaker and Shooters sweep TSFE and finishes 12-10 also, then Shooters have tiebreaker over Hit Squad.



They are also 11-9 and have very similar scenario to Hit Squad. They can move up to 4th with a sweep and The Ones getting swept by Mambas. But they can fall to as far as 7th, if they get swept and Shooters/TSFE ends up with a sweep in either direction. If MonStars, TSFE, Shooter McGavins all finish 11-11, MonStars hold tiebreaker over the other two teams.


Shooter McGavins:

They are 10-10 and play another 10-10 team in TSFE this Sunday. If Shooters get swept and finish 10-12, they will finish as the 8th seed. That is as low as they can go. But if they sweep TSFE, they will move up to 6th seed as they have tie breaker over Hit Squad. A split between their game, and they will probably end as the 7th or 8th seed depending on run differential.



TSFE can finish as low as 10th if they get swept by Shooter McGavins this Sunday. They finish 10th if they end with a 10-12 record as both Black Mambas and Troopers have tiebreakers over them. But Black Mambas will need to sweep The Ones to make that happen. If TSFE sweeps Shooters and Hit Squad/MonStars end in a sweep in either direction, TSFE can move up to 6th as their best position.



Currently they are in 9th seed with a 10-12 record and have played all their games. They can move up to 8th if TSFE loses both games. They can’t move up any higher. They can’t go any lower than 9th as they hold tiebreaker over Mambas.


Black Mambas:

Black Mambas with a 8-12 record are currently the last and final seed at 10th. The best they can move up to is 9th with a sweep of The Ones and TSFE gets swept.

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