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Awards Watch – League MVP (NL)


A little past the mid-way point of the season, you can tell who has stood out so far. Some players are really making a push for MVP of the NL. Who will prove themselves as the best? Let’s take a look at who has been the best this year:

Naeem Bhalli (The Ones) – So far batting a .800 for the season, nearly perfect at every at bat. Also hitting 5 home-runs and a crazy 37 RBI’s, good for 2nd place in the NL. He has truly stood out for his team. Even though his team has been struggling in the past, they seem to have picked it up during recent weeks and could see themselves making a push into SNL. If they want to continue to push up in the standings they need this man to keep producing at an elite level.

Travis Collins (Bengals) – A team that every wrote off only until recently. They really have picked themselves up and are arguably the hottest team in the NL. Travis has been a big part of their success, playing lockdown defense, wherever he is. Batting a .791 for the season, good for #2. If the Bengals want to stay hot and remain in the playoffs, they need him to perform along the rest of the team.

Ahmad Halimi (Purple Reign) – Crossing-over with the Outlaws, he’s not going to be their every week but when he is there, he is such a threat. One of the best Left-fielders in the league, he is lockdown. In only 12 games played, he is 3rd in RBI’s at 29. Although he is batting .524 for the season, still always a threat. If Purple Reign want to compete and move back up in the standings, they need Halimi to be there.

Zimmad Imam (Dynasty) – Zimmad has been the brightest spot for the hottest team in the NL. A team that is very consistent of both sides of the balls, he has been the leader. Batting a .711, best on his team and 6th in the division, has been very consistent. Has 22 RBI’s, only one other person has more on the team. A team that is very consistent of both sides of the balls, he has been the leader.

Yaqub Najimi (Hit Squad) – For such a young kid, the way he has been playing this year is very impressive. Falling just outside of the top 10 for batting average at .667, let’s see if he can push himself up top. Every year he has been in the league, he has improved. Being the most consistent player for the 1st seed, filled with veterans is a big deal. Defensively wherever you put him, you can expect him to lock it down.


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