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SASL Community Finals Predictions

Who’s got who in the AL and NL?

This Sunday’s SASL 2019 Finals in both divisions maybe two of the best of all time. Both divisions had a hard fought regular season and an unparalleled, exciting playoffs that will be talked about for years.

Savages v HeavyHittaz. Scoobies Force v Hit Squad. 4 veteran teams with championship pedigrees infused with young talent that are ringless. Which teams does the community believe will win? We went around and asked some of the players from around the league and here are their thoughts:

Zeshan (NWO): “The best offense is a strong defense thus Force wins. HH holds the edge in OPS. They bringing the A-Team. It’s over”

Faraz (Bats): “Force in 3 games. Lose game 1, 12-7. Win game 2 and 3, 9-5 and 8-6. HH sweep. Game 1 15-7, and Game 2 11-10”

Salman (Bengals): “HS winning because they got the two keys: 1. The master shifter Solyman and 2. The master pitcher Wahid. Savages over HH because they do more playing and less talking no matter how much they dominate. HH seems to be talking a lot after one good season”

Parvesh (Dad Bods): “Scoobies Force wins this matchup they have more speed in the outfield and have more hitters hitting over .500. In AL HH is more of a lock to win they have more power and more hitters hitting for high avg.”

Sohel (Dynasty): “Savages – more balanced attack and balanced lineup. Doesn’t only rely on the HR. Force – more consistent throughout the season. Better hitters top to bottom.”

Omar (Dynasty): Scooby Force in 3 games. If Frank has a good game at SS Scooby is a superior team. HH in 3 games. They have to many power hitters that can change the game at any moment.”

Hasan (Bengals): “HS over Force… solid team chemistry that wouldn’t give up when they’re down…HH and Savages… hard call… HH with beasts up and down the lineup and sound defense… but I say Savages will pull an upset”

Zimmad (Bats): “Force in 3 – hit squad wins game one – force win next Two. Force bats over power hit squad. Heavy Hittaz win game one. And savages win game two and three after making defense adjustments”

Naeem (The Ones): “HS wins due to their underrated defense and strong pitching of Wahid. Prediction HS in 3.  Savages win in 3
Savages with experience in big games, find a way to finish off HH.”

Khurram (Shooter McGavin): “Force! More talent and Professional. Savages: passion”

Ahmad (HeavyHittaz): “HS – Hs win because it’s the playoffs and all they do is win. HH- arguably the best assembled team in SASL history”

Adeel (NWO): “HS cause of experience. Savages – HH too high on themselves and will be shocked after they lose game 1 and be swept”

Arshad (Strike Force): “Force vs HS force. Scooby takes itin 3 games. Over all very solid team all Around. Savages vs HH. Very competitive games. Too close to call. Gut feeling HH take it in 3 games.”

Jason (Empire): “Savages in 2. The savages will be motivated after last years lost to the ducks. This time they have a solid pitcher who is a former Finals MVP. Hitsquad in 3 with game 3 being a mercy The experience of hitsquad and the Najmi’s will be too much for Force to overcome.”

Ronak (Shooter McGavin): “Force over hit squad. There’s clearly two top teams in the nl. Savages. Have more than just big bats like hh. Cooler heads better defenders prevail.”

Sajeel (Mighty Ducks): “Force – too much firepower for HS to overcome. HH – they are the hungrier team and savages dont have the depth.”

Jason (516): “Force better team overall

Savages bad taste from last years finals not gonna let it happen again and big advantage with no dan”

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