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National League Playoff Scenarios

playoff scenarios

1.Scoobies Force 20-2 [Locked in the first seed, even if they get swept in the final week of the season since they hold tie-break over Shooters)

2.Shooter McGavins 18-4 [Locked in the second seed, even if they sweep and Scoobies lose]

3.Hit Squad 14-6 [Can finish 3rd, if they sweep final week and Dynasty gets swept, can finish 4th if they get swept and Dynasty sweeps]

4.Dynasty 13-7 [Can finish 3rd if they sweep and Hit Squad gets swept final week, Or will finish 4th and face the 5th seeded Bengals]

5.Bengals 11-9 [Doing what they do best, start hot and finish cold. Locked into 5th seed]

6.Bats 9-11 [Locked into 6th seed no matter how the season ends]

7.NWO 5-15 [Highest seed they can be is 7th, Lowest 10th, Can finish 8 or 9, depending on the last week of the season. holds the tiebreaker against SF by 1 run, Doesn’t own tie-break against Dad Bods, Haven’t faced ones yet]

8.Strike Force 4-14 [2 wins this weekend and NwO getting swept could put them into 7th, getting swept all 4 games would kick them out the playoffs race, Can finish 8/9 with a win or two and how other lower teams do] 

9.The Ones 3-15 [They play 4 games this weekend, if they win all 4 they finish 7th. If they win 3 they could finish 7/8 depending on NwO winning 1 and SF sweeping. If they win 2 and NwO gets swept, SF wins 1. If they lose all 4 and Dad Bods win, they’re out]

10.Dad Bods 3-17 [If they sweep the Bengals, and NwO, SF, and the ones get swept, they finish 7th. But if NwO wins 1, they finish 8th. The other team’s results will really dictate this teams path]


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