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AL Playoff Scenarios

playoff scenarios

Playoff Scenarios

Savages 15-5

July 14 vs Ducks     July 21 vs Empire

#1 Seed- Go 4-0 in the last 2 weeks. Win one more game than the heavy hitters

#2 Seed- Heavy Hitters win one more game than Savages in the next 2 weeks

They can not go lower than the #2 seed

Heavy Hitters 14-6

July 14- Troopers     July 21- 516 ( Could be the determination for 2nd or 3rd seed)

#1- Seed- Go 4-0 and Savages go 3-1 the last 2 weeks of the season (own tiebreaker vs savages)

#2 Seed Just have to win one game pending tiebreakers with 516

#3 Seed- Go 0-4 and 516 and 4-0 and overtakes them for the #2 seed

Heavy hitters have a tiebreaker over empire if Hitters go 0-4 and empire goes 4-0

516 11-9

July 14- Empire  July 21-Heavy Hitters

#1 Seed- go 4-0 Savages and heavy hitters go 0-4 and hopefully have a tie breaker over Savages

#2 Seed- Go 4-0 Heavy hitters go 0-4.  If heavy hitters win one game in last 2 weeks they can be the 2nd seed

#3 Seed- Stay one game ahead of empire or win one game less than empire take tiebreakers vs them on July 14th

#4 Seed- Either win one game less than empire or be tied with empire and lose tiebreakers on July 14th.

#5 Seed- Go 0-4 last 2 weeks. Ducks go 4-0 and empire jumps 516 by winning either one or two more games depending on tie breaker

Empire 10-10

July 14-516 July 21- Savages

#1- Nope

#2- Nope

#3 Seed- win one more game than 516 and have tie breaker. Or have to win 2 more games than 516 without tiebreakers

#4 Seed- Stay one game ahead of Ducks.

#5 Seed- Ducks win 2 more games or more than empire does last 2 weeks of the season

Ducks 8-12

July 14- Savages  July 21- Ducks

2nd Seed- Go 4-0 Heavy Hitters 0-4 516 goes 2-2 and then look what tiebreakers are

3rd Seed Go 4-0 in last 2 weeks, 516 goes 0-4 and Empire goes 2-2 or worse

4th Seed- With 2 more games than empire does. Example go 3-1 empire goes 1-3

5th Seed- Stay 1 game behind Empire and pray for no SNL rainout

Troopers 2-18

July 14- Heavy Hitters   July 21- Ducks

Better luck next season. Can play spoiler in the last 2 weeks. PLEASE SHOW UP


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