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2019 American League Format

With 2019 season fast approaching, we are finalizing the tweaks to the rules and player ratings in both leagues. Below are the details of the new format in the American League. The National League format will be detailed next month but the NL format will only have very minor tweaks and not an overhaul.
The American League in SASL is designed for the advanced and intermediate players. In contrast, the National League in SASL is designed for the intermediate and beginner level players.
In the American League, we have broken down the players in two tiers. One set of players are designated as “Impact Players”. The rest of the players have no designation/ratings and are free to join whichever teams they want without worrying about fitting into any cap. The “Impact Players” are the ones who the cap will affect. The ratings are below at the end of this article.
The changes to the AL division reflect the need to remove barriers for intermediate and beginner level players to join teams without any worries of cap space. Furthermore, the cap on “Impact Players” fairly distributes advanced players amongst teams and creates parity. This reduces the chance of advanced players banding together to create “super teams”.
The Cap Explained:
  • Teams have a cap of 43 points for “Impact Players”.
    • Teams can have as many players from the “Impact Player” pool as they want as longs as they stay at 43 or under.
    • You can be top heavy or spread the points around. Your choice.
  • 2018 players that played in the American League, not in the below list, have no designation and can play freely without worrying about fitting into any cap space.
  • Players that have played in SASL previously, but not in the American League division:
    • National League players that did not play in AL last year, will need to get a designation of either “Impact Player” or regular Free Agent, if they want to play in the AL this year.
      • Ex. Frank Perez of Hit Squad played in NL in 2018 but not in AL. Is he an “Impact Player” or can teams in the AL add him without using cap space? Ask Anwar for a designation.
    • Players that played in SASL previously but not in 2018, will need to get a designation of either “Impact Player” or regular Free Agent.
      • Ex. Pragnesh Patel has not played in the league for 2 years. Is he an “Impact Player” or can teams in the AL add him without using cap space? Ask Anwar for a designation.
  • Brand new players (rookies) to the League:
    • Rookies coming into the league will not be listed as an “Impact Player” and can freely.
    • Rookie Guests coming into the league will have a default 7 rating and will be designated as an “Impact Player”.
  • Important: Rookie can be rerated AT ANY POINT during the season and labeled an “Impact Player” based on the leagues discretion.
    • Captains can declare the rookies as an “Impact Player” if they know the player to be an Advanced level player before the season begins. The default rating will be a 7.
    • Captains will need to be honest with the league. They CAN NOT add an advanced player as a normal free agent or they may be rerated at leagues discretion. We are holding teams to a higher standard.
    • The league will deem a player as an “Impact Player” if the player is clearly, and indisputably, an advanced level player. If it is a borderline “Impact Player”, the league will allow the player to continue to play without any designation/rating. We are only looking at special cases that are indisputable.
      • Ex. Dex Ortiz of Savages was a rookie in 2018 in the AL. He is a clear and indisputable advanced player. Savages would have had to declare him as an “Impact Player” before the season began as part of their “Impact Player” cap, or risk losing him once the season began.
      • Ex. Anthony Dindiyal of 516 was a rookie in 2018 in the AL. He was judged to be an “Impact Player” after 2018 ended but it was a borderline decision. 516 would not have had to declare him as an “Impact Player”.
  • Rosters are capped at 18 players (3 guests) this season.
Dan DiIrio 10
Denen Olson 10
Dex Ortiz 9
Hashim Naveed 9
Charley Robinson 8
Pavy Badwal 8
Rafael Liriano 8
Ramy Abdelhamid 8
Chris Mui 7
Dheeraj Ramchandani 7
Greg Murello 7
Harpreet Chadha 7
Jeremiah Morales 7
Kunal Sra 7
Michael Kauffman 7
Nadeem Khan 7
Steve Quock 7
Anthony Dindiyal 6
Bobby Bonett 6
Brandon Edwards 6
Haaris Din 6
Jason Gregory 6
John Sans 6
Louis Tiglias 6
Majid Raufi 6
Masoom Siddiqui 6
Matt Zicherman 6
Matthew Verity 6
Peter Banta 6
Sajeel Haque 6
Shane Melia 6
Shawn Abraham 6
Shazim Imamudin 6
Thomas O’Keefe 6
Zeeshan Shaikh 6

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