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Mighty Ducks Win 2018 SASL AL Championship

Ducks complete magical season by defeating defending champs in 3-game thriller.

SASL American League Championship Series

Mighty Ducks defeat Savages (3 games)

Game 1: Savages 10 Mighty Ducks 8
Game 2: Mighty Ducks 11 Savages 8
Game 3: Mighty Ducks 14 Savages 10

Series MVP: Bobby Bonett

Mighty Ducks finish season with a 28-1 record (lone loss of the season in game 1 of the finals).

Watch the last inning and post-game celebrations and awards presentations.

Game 1 began with the Savages up to bat and the Mighty Ducks playing defense.  The first few plays were bobbled and bad throws made to first.  It looked like the Ducks had a case of the nerves.  The Savages took an early lead and seemed to be in cruise control.  The Ducks also weren’t getting good at-bats.  In the top of the 3rd this changed as Zeeshan Shaikh showed up to the field directly from Atlanta, Georgia. He had a late flight and was unable to make it to the game on time. Once he got there the Ducks seemed like a different team. They outscored the Savages 7-3.  They lost the game but they may have gained the momentum.

Game 2: Mighty Ducks 11 Savages 8

In what proved to be the pivotal game of the series, the Ducks started off down 8-3 with the Savages scoring in the top of the inning with a home run by Rookie of the year Dex. The Ducks would not be denied though, they were loud and fiery.  The incessant yelling and screaming may have gotten in the head of Aasheesh that pitcher of the Savages as he was unable to find the strike zone.  In one stretch of events, he threw 21 straight balls. Each ball was accompanied by a loud cheer and a count by the Mighty Ducks team.  The Ducks were literally yelling a count for each pitch that was coming in, 1 –  2- 3- 4- 5 – 6 etc…they wouldn’t stop they were relentless.  When it was all said and done Aasheesh had walked the bases loaded and walked in another 3 runs. Pavy had to come into pitch and this threw the entire right side of the Savages defense out of whackThe Ducks were only down 3.  This set of circumstances changed the entire series for the Ducks.  They came from behind and scored on a huge error at third base and were able to come from behind and steal this game. The big blow was a three-run home run by Saad Yousuf. Ducks outfield was robbing hit after hit on the Savages.

Game 3: Mighty Ducks 14 Savages 10

The Ducks continued to be patient and take pitches. They then tested the defense and too many miscues at first base and walks allowed the Ducks to constantly have runners on base.  With runners on base, the Ducks singles were scoring runs.  The Savages hit a few home runs to make it close but this game wasn’t as close as the score shows. The Ducks had control of this game and you held on to the momentum the bulk of the game. When it was all over they dedicated this win to Ammar Yousuf their former teammate and brother of Captain Saad Yousuf. It was a great celebration as former Wolfpack joined in the celebrations as one the longest streaks of games without a championship were broken.


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